Solar Hemicycle, Pleasant Valley, NY

Why Use Geothermal?

The advantages of geothermal are compelling. Here are just a few:

1) Comfort.
Ask any homeowner with a geothermal system and one of the first things they mention is how comfortable their home is. There are a couple of reasons for this – First, there is no combustion with a heat pump, i.e. you are not burning fuel. Therefore, since you are not ‘cooking’ the air which removes moisture, a geo home retains higher humidity levels leading to greater comfort (especially in winter). Secondly, geothermal systems tend to provide more even heat by using a steadier, but lower volume of air distribution. You won’t miss those hot blasts of air that go on and off with conventional furnaces.

2) Safety
With no combustion, there is no danger of CO2 poisoning or explosions due to fossil fuel leaks.

3) Maintenance
There is very little maintenance with a geothermal system

4) Noise
Geothermal systems are generally very quiet. Ever notice how noisy air conditioners are in the summertime? Not so with a geo system, as it  uses the same equipment for air conditioning as for heating – it’s the same unit. Think of your refrigerator – which is a heat pump – it’s not a very noisy machine.

5) Monthly bills
You will pay less to heat and cool your home from day one. Geothermal systems use electricity to move fluids and heat (but not to create the heat) so your electric bill may be higher (unless you use electric resistance). But you will no longer need gas/oil for heating and your air conditioning is much more efficient. Overall you will use less energy and your total utility bill will be lower.