Gremli Construction Services

Kevin Gremli Construction Co. Inc., founded in 1985, specializes in building ultra-energy efficient homes throughout New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley in Orange and Ulster Counties, NY and the gorgeous Bergen County New Jersey area.

When you’re searching for an experienced partner for your new home building project, put your trust in Kevin Gremli Construction. We are the company to call or superior quality, green/sustainable residential design and construction. Our new home construction techniques use geothermal heating and cooling systems, the latest energy-saving technologies and environmentally and eco-smart practices.

We spend the time to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for… and so much more. Our company takes great pride in the work we do and commits to your project exclusively. Our team works on just one job at a time. Our founder and owner, Kevin Gremli is onsite, at the job from beginning to end. This assures you a level of continuity that’s very important and very rarely found.

Over the years, we have developed a team of vendors and contractors and artisans with top-notch skills. From planning through completion, our goal is to make the process more enjoyable, less stressful and build you the house of your dreams.


Net Zero Home, Warwick, NY

A Geothermal system consists of a means of transferring the earth’s stored heat energy, then manipulating the temperature either warmer or cooler by a heat pump.

Net Zero

Net Zero Home, Warwick, NY

Zero energy are air-tight, insulated, and energy efficient. They produce as much renewable energy as they consume, leaving occupants with a net-zero energy bill.

Energy Efficient

Cedar Shake Home, Goshen, NY

If you plan to design and build a new home or do an extensive remodel on an existing house, optimizing home energy efficiency requires a whole-house systems approach.