Energy Efficient Home Construction • Orange County NY • Ulster County NY • Hudson Valley NY • Bergen County NJ

We specialize in building ultra-energy efficient homes throughout New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley and Bergen County New Jersey. Call on us for superior quality green/sustainable residential design and construction. Our new home construction techniques use geothermal heating and cooling systems, and the latest energy-saving technologies and environmentally and eco-smart practices.

Start with Smart Design

Zero net energy homes begin with smart design. The designers and architects we work with are familiar with all the steps involved in building net-zero homes. With Federal tax incentives, you’ll find that net zero homes are surprisingly affordable.

Your Building Envelope

Super-sealing the “building envelope” is the single most cost-effective measure we take to improve the energy efficiency of a zero energy home. We use several proven air-sealing and insulation techniques to minimize thermal bridging.

Energy-Efficient Everything!

We consider it all: from each building material to the best physical placement of the home to allow for maximum passive solar heating, advanced framing, insulation, windows, doors, appliances, lighting, electronics. It all works together to be energy efficient.